Cinema and entertainment center

Kourosh Cinema

Kourosh Cineplex or, as you say, Kourosh Cinema, the largest Cineplex located on the 3rd-6th floor in Kourosh Mall, with the investment of the Golrang Industrial Group over four years.

16,000 square meters of Kourosh Complex has been allocated to 14 cinema halls of Kourosh Cineplex, which has added 3100 seats to the capacity of the country’s cinemas. The movie theater, the VIP hall and the special theater hall have been featured with the best audio and video quality and are named after the old Lalezar cinemas. It also has a variety of restaurants, parking, and free internet access.

The project originally was  designed for Mesbur+Smith Architects in 2018 by Ramin Moeini.

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